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Prairie Winds Pet Retreat

Dog & Cat Boarding

We can be reached by phone at 780-806-5140 or by email at info@prairiewindsretreat.ca Thanks for visiting!

Dog Features


Our dogs - Ceybra and Wilson are the reasons that Prairie Winds Pet Retreat came to be. Prairie Winds has been designed with the features we wanted to have available to us if we were leaving our animals in the care of someone. Our animals are part of our family and we know it is stressful enough leaving them behind without having to constantly be worried that they are not getting the care that they deserve. 


We are proud to offer the following:

Non Smoking Facility

On Site after hours presence (our home is adjacent to the kennel)

Family operated which allows your pet(s) to become comfortable to a familiar caregiver

Spacious heated individual indoor rooms with easy to sanitize surfaces (not plywood that holds bacteria)

Individual 65 foot outdoor runs allow for great games of catch

Every dog is given an average of 3 hours of playtime outside per day, plus bathroom breaks (weather permitting)

Pool time in the summer months

On leash walks around the acreage for guests of a week or more to vary their routine 

Solartube lighting to allow for lots of natural light without the heat of skylights

2 HEPA air filtration systems providing a constant supply of fresh clean air 

Kuranda cots so that each dog can lounge in comfort off the floor

Complimentary picture and email updates for our long term guests (by request)

Complimentary all natural snacks - freeze dried beef liver & chicken

A woodstove backup in case a winter storm causes loss of power

Lots of love and attention!