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Prairie Winds Pet Retreat

Dog & Cat Boarding

We can be reached by phone at 780-806-5140 or by email at info@prairiewindsretreat.ca Thanks for visiting!



Where are you located?

We are located approximately 7.5km south of Wainwright on the corner of Airport Road and TWP 440. We are one mile west of Hwy 41, take the TWP 440 road west if travelling the highway. 


Can I bring my dog or cat's regular food?

Absolutely! We prefer you to bring your pets regular food with you to avoid any discomfort to your pet due to suddenly switching them off of their regular food. This will reduce stress for your pet and allow them to have a more comfortable visit. Please label your pet's food. 


How often will my pet be fed?

We feed the dogs and cats 1, 2 or 3 times a day depending on what they are accustomed to at home. Please indicate your preference on the client boarding form at drop off. 


My pet is on medication - will you board him? Is there an extra charge?

We would be happy to continue your pet's medication while you are away provided we have written instructions regarding the amount and time it is given. There is no charge for this service.


Do I need to bring my pet's dishes?

No, all pets are given their own stainless steel dishes to use during their stay. 


Will my dog get to play outside?

Yes, your dog will get approximately 3 hours of outdoor play per day (weather permitting). We have 4 individual play areas that are 65' long including an extra large area for multiple dogs to interact (with owners permission). We also have daily games of catch, and there is pool time in the summer. 


Will my dog be safe outside? 

All of our fences are 6 foot commercial grade chain link with an additional foot including 3 wire strands angled into the kennels to keep the most determined climber in. There is also extra mesh on the bottom and cemented into the ground for the most determined diggers. There is also a double gated entrance and latches on our gates. All walks are done on leash only. 


Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Yes, all dogs and cats need to show proof of current vaccination before boarding. Please see the vaccination page for additional details. 


I have 2 dogs, can they be boarded together?

Yes, we have double sized kennels for 2 dogs from the same family to stay together. Please be aware that some dogs will fight when confined to the same room even if they don't at home. If this becomes an issue, you dogs will be moved to separate kennels and you will be charged accordingly. Dog's that cannot eat in the same area cannot be boarded together. Your dog's safety is our first priority.


Can I bring my pet's bed or kennel?

Each pet has their own Kuranda cot to keep them comfortable and off the floor. You are welcome to bring their blankets, beds, or kennels to be placed on top of the cot. Beds and blankets will be removed if they are being chewed. 


Can I bring toys for my pet?

You are welcome to bring a few toys for your pet provided they are sturdy and cannot be chewed into small pieces. Kong's are always a great choice. We will fill with treats and food to provide your dog with extra stimulation. 


My dog is not spayed/neutered, can they still be boarded?

Yes, all dogs have their own individual rooms so this is not a problem. 


My dog is in heat, can she still be boarded?

Yes, all dogs are housed in their own rooms so this not a problem. There may be an extra $2/ day charge for extra clean up depending on the situation. 


Is there anything else I need to bring when I drop off?

Yes, please bring your current vaccination certificate. As well, we require an emergency contact phone number on your check in sheet, so please verify the number before drop off. 


Are grooming services available?

Grooming services are not available at this time.